My Approach

I am a knowledge broker with expertise in biodiversity conservation, marine ecology and sustainable development.

Stop reinventing the wheel

We need sustainable solutions and concrete action to manage and conserve ecosystems and ecosystem services for future generations. Numerous experiences, success stories and lessons learned exist, yet we rarely consult other’s work when developing new projects or when facing challenges. As a knowledge broker, I offer support in finding examples relevant to your challenges and working with you to adapt them to fit your context. I support you in optimising your knowledge management by capturing your success stories and lessons learned.

  • Learn from other’s experiences There are many examples of success in conserving and sustainably managing ecosystems and resources. I support you in finding examples relevant to your challenge to learn from what worked before.
  • Capture successes and lessons learned I will support you in the process of analysing your project, ensuring that success factors and lessons learned are available to a wide audience who seek inspiration. In dialogue with local implementers, I will ensure key aspects are highlighted in a short and concise manner, allowing others to learn from your work.
  • Form new partnerships Exchanges focus on sharing experiences and working together in creating new collaborations and impact on the ground, based on proven successes. These exchanges work across sectors and regions as long as you can create a common vision.

Working in partnership for a healthy ocean

Sustainably managing and conserving marine and coastal ecosystems is a key task for our future and essential for sustainable development. A holistic approach and working in partnership is essential in achieving long-term sustainability for our ocean. I offer support in developing new initiatives and integrating co-design into your project planning and implementation. I am interested in working at the science-policy interface towards a truly sustainable blue economy, linking ocean action with climate action, and ocean governance.

  • Strategically designing a vision and planning new interventions with relevant stakeholders, developing and conceptualising new activities, including background studies, workshops, and stakeholder exchanges.
  • Integrating co-design approaches into planning and implementing projects and activities to create joint ownership and context-specific interventions that can bridge the science-policy gap towards knowledge-based decision-making.
  • Support project implementation with expert knowledge and experience on new and upcoming topics, building relevant networks, establishing communities of practices, and facilitating exchanges.

Working languages: English and German



I look forward to hearing from you and discussing collaborations!